Zach Prosser, MCC

is the founder of Zach Prosser Coaching LLC, and works as a life & leadership coach and coach trainer in the United States and around the world.

Inspiring Bold Change

Zach is a global award-winning coach with experience of over 15 years in executive leadership with 20+ years of non-profit industry work. His expertise adds to his passion for leadership development coaching. Zach has received the ICF Young Leader Award (Prague) and the ICF Chapter Recognition Award (Dublin).

Zach is a Master Facilitator and Coach Trainer. As a trainer, Zach provides International Coaching Federation (ICF) approved coach training to those desiring to utilize coaching skills either professionally as a coach or those looking to advance their skills in leadership. Additionally, he serves as an adjunct coach for the Center for Creative Leadership and Director of Coaching for Emerge. As Director of Coaching at Emerge Coaching Network, Prosser provides entrepreneurial and innovative leadership bringing the worlds of counseling and coaching together. Under one organization (Emerge Counseling) coaches and counselors collaborate to provide clients with life changing services to find rest and live free. Zach helps leaders close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. His experience and skill enable him to help leaders accelerate their growth and achieve more. Zach has a number of certifications in psychometric assessments and other developmental tools such as Inquiry Institute's CQO training and HearthMath. Zach also is an Inquiry Institute facilitator and partners with the Spirit of Leadership Ranch in Novelty, OH to provide equine coaching experiences. Zach also serves on the AG Coaching Task Force for the Assemblies of God.

In addition to Zach’s work in the community, he serves multiple organizations in a pro bono community development role. Zach also serves on the International Coach Federation’s Council of Ambassadors, creating a sustainable society through social change by leveraging the power of coaching. The Foundation aims to bring the impact of coaching to 1 billion people by 2030. Zach is also a college lecturer and author.

As a member of the International Coach Federation, Zach has brought globally recognized and award-winning leadership in the coaching profession. Zach’s passion to make an impact is demonstrated in his authentic coaching presence which empowers coachees to advance and achieve results exponentially. His welcoming approach provides a safe space for a creative journey of self-discovery and growth.

Certifications / Accreditations

Awards Won

What Others Are Saying

"I've explored a few 'self-help' avenues throughout the past couple years and I will freely admit the concept of life coaching seemed a bit extreme. Zach's services have turned my first impressions completely on their head, offering a comfortable, engaging and often fun soundboard for my goals and an excellent platform from which I have built a functional perspective of myself. Zach helped me to outline personal values and evaluate my short and long-term goals through these values, allowing me to take essential steps in both my personal and professional lives. Thanks Zach!"
Whitney, California

"I knew I needed help in my life, ministry, and career, but I wasn't sure why. I didn't need emotional or spiritual counseling, but still lacked in certain areas. When I started life coaching sessions with Zach Prosser, he helped me develop the skills I needed in setting boundaries, goals, and priorities. I am back on track."

Tamera, Ohio

"I learned a lot about myself through coaching with Zach. I developed greater of self-awareness and saw things I have always had in me but never really thought about how those things affected me and my decisions."

Rich, Ohio

"In my opinion, Zach is an extraordinary coach who invariably understands the art of leadership coaching. Based on my time working with Zach, I have grown as a leader in many areas with more confidence. Therefore, I am very pleased to recommend Zach Prosser as being a stalworth leadership coach! "

Mynetta, Ohio

"The coaching experience enabled me to see qualities in myself that I didn’t recognize, and to ask the critical questions about myself that opened up a new way of thinking. In my last session, I was really able to take some of these principles of having a different perspective, and apply them to my work life."

Antwain, Ohio
"Following a season of depression, I found myself in need of getting back to my "old self." Through coaching with Zach I was able to rediscover my outgoing and fun self."
Jason, Florida
Connections That Empower

Who Is Coaching For?



From the C-Suite to the line manager to a team leader. All leaders in all roles can benefit from coaching. Coaching develops personal growth with the lasting effects reaching throughout the organization. 

Individual Coaching


Life coaching can serve individuals in any context, closing the gap between where someone is and where they want to be. Coaching is the “grease in the gears” that helps someone operate at a higher level. 

Organization Coaching


As individuals grow, the organization grows. Coaching enhances people and systems. Organizations benefit from awareness and development. 



Professional coaches need ongoing coaching and education. Zach Prosser Coaching provides opportunity for professional development, continuing education, and coaching.

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