What's Coaching?

Coaching Basics

Coaching is a professional relationship between the client and the coach that facilitates and accelerates self awareness, growth, and the achievement of goals. The ideal client is someone who is willing to learn, has a passion for growth, is looking for greater success, and is open to change. This person takes initiative in their personal growth and development. ​

  • Identify and develop your strengths
  • Identify and overcome obstacles
  • Develop your personal growth plan
  • Discover ways to become more successful
  • Obtain your dreams
  • Create healthy systems and personal management
  • Create obtainable goals
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of companies report that they recouped their investment on coaching and more!



of people who receive coaching report increased self confidence


of people report improved work performance, relationships, & communication skills


of coaching clients report they are satisfied with their experience


"Life Coaching is product development and you're the product."

Maximize Growth

Who Is Coaching For?



From the C-Suite to the line manager to a team leader. All leaders in all roles can benefit from coaching. Coaching develops personal growth with the lasting effects reaching throughout the organization. 

Individual Coaching


Life coaching can serve individuals in any context, closing the gap between where someone is and where they want to be. Coaching is the “grease in the gears” that helps someone operate at a higher level. 

Organization Coaching


As individuals grow, the organization grows. Coaching enhances people and systems. Organizations benefit from awareness and development. 



Professional coaches need ongoing coaching and education. Zach Prosser Coaching provides opportunity for professional development, continuing education, and coaching.
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